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Why do people like reborn doll?

Reborn dolls have taken over the world in the last decade. Starting from the year 2002, reborn doll silicones went viral to the point of getting sold at an insanely big amount and surprisingly enough, people bought them. Reborn dolls are basically made with vinyl. These are highly realistic baby dolls which look like real human babies. The point of creating these dolls was to have fun with role-playing but these dolls turned out to serve for a greater cause which helped many people, especially women who cannot birth any children or happen to suffer from stress disorders. Taking the internet by storm, these reborn dolls gained massive popularity because of its amazing feature that enables people to distinguish between the real baby and a silicone doll.
Many people own reborn baby dolls but become targets of hatred because of its weirdness and strange possibility. In many parts of the world, reborn dolls are still considered very unusual, however, here are a few reasons why owning them is completely fine.

A new family member to make life more fun

A Great Hobby

Some people just like to collect reborn babies. You will find  that some people like to have more than one as they collect different babies with different features and different clothes. Some people like to have sets or reborn twins(which we love). 

To Fight Anxiety

Reborn baby doll silicones the doctors approved of this unusual coping mechanism and claimed that there is nothing wrong with treating a mere doll as a real baby as long as the baby doll looks convincing enough for anyone to decipher whether it’s real or not. It helped reduce the anxiety measures in many women who later got over the truth of not having real children but still enjoy having a reborn doll nevertheless.
are known to have helped very effectively when it comes to anxiety, especially for adult women with no real children. Even


These dolls are treated just like a real baby except there are advantages to it such as not having to worry about your baby throwing up on the new clothes
or losing sleep in order to hush the baby to sleep. The reality is that is a lot of the sweetness that comes with a real baby, and its a nice pass time for people.

A positive cure medicine for dementia

Reborn baby dolls for Alzheimer’s patients are therapeutic
A helpful, non-drug way to calm and soothe agitated seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia is to give them a soft, lifelike baby doll to cuddle.
These therapy dolls can even be effective in calming someone with severe agitation or other significant behavioral challenges.
We explain why therapy dolls can work, share tips for introducing a doll to your older adult, discuss why some find this idea controversial, and suggest inexpensive dolls that older adults may enjoy.

Why reborn dolls for dementia work

Therapy dolls can help seniors feel useful and needed and give them something positive to focus on.
Similar to the effect of soft toys like stuffed animals, hugging something soft helps someone with dementia feel comforted and soothed.
Another reason therapy custom reborn dolls are helpful is that they can bring back happy memories of early parenthood for both women and men.
Many older adults enjoy rocking and cuddling their doll. Some even adopt the baby as their own and make caring for it part of their daily routine.
Having a child to care for can also ease feelings of isolation and sadness.
After all, when interacting with real babies, many people find their spirits lifted and their nerves calmed.

How to introduce doll therapy

The best approach is to casually introduce the doll to your older adult and let them decide if they like it or not.
If they have no interest in the doll or get upset, don’t make an issue out of it.
Even if someone isn’t interested in the moment, they may change their minds in the future so you could try again in a few weeks or months.
Don’t act like the doll is a doll, refer to it as a baby and treat it like a real child.
Get a lifelike doll, but one that doesn’t cry – that might be upsetting.
Don’t force it, allow your senior to get to know the doll slowly.


Some caregivers find dolls controversial

A doll can be a safe and inexpensive “treatment” for someone with dementia.
We’ve heard from many family caregivers that say their older adults are calmer and happier now that they have their own baby doll. They’re relieved to have found a non-drug solution that eases their senior’s dementia symptoms.
However, some people are concerned that giving their older adult a doll would be demeaning or patronizing. But when someone has dementia, helping them feel safe and happy in their current reality is the top priority.
So if trying unconventional ideas like baby dolls, fidget blankets, and other simple activities and toys might help them feel better and enjoy life more, why not give them a try?.
If they do get upset or offended by the doll, you’ll know to cross that off the list of potential calming activities. Or, you could put it away and try again as their dementia progresses.
You know your older adult best. If a doll isn’t likely to suit their personality or preferences, move on to other ideas.

A partner for children’s development

Reborn dolls are most common among adults mostly mothers and other women. Most of the reborn artists and collectors believe that lifelike baby dolls and reborn baby doll accessories are not appropriate for children as there are chances that they may spoil and harm those delicate realistic baby dolls and they are only be kept by adults and collectors. But I completely disagree; they are not only for adults but also shared with children.
Nowadays lots of adult women are adapting reborn baby dolls to take care of them. Most of us in realistic doll community know that such lifelike baby dolls can bring happiness and joy to the desolate and lonely adults but the thing we are unaware off is that the lifelike baby dolls are beneficial for children in many ways.  
The doll is one of the important parts of the childhood memory of every girl. Playing with a lifelike baby doll in young ages could be helpful in improving social skills. If your daughter loves to play with her dolls and look after them then a reborn baby doll is a perfect gift for her.
The benefits are not only restricted to girls, but even your son can also benefit from keeping a lifelike baby doll. Boys also enjoy playing with dolls and benefiting in a number of ways which we will discuss in this article. Here are the reasons why every child should have a lifelike baby doll.

Developmental skills

It is well known that children’s playing with a lifelike baby doll help improves developmental skills. When your children interact and play with reborn doll images, it enables your children to understand them in a better way. Your children would be able to create a warm and friendly relationship with them. Keeping a reborn baby doll will develop the ability of tolerance, creative thinking, and emotional intelligence. 
Children learn nurturing and caring abilities by playing with lifelike baby dolls

Have you ever seen a child playing with a doll? Children use to mimic the way adult care for their babies and it requires thinking ability related to other’s needs like when a baby required be feeding, dressing, comforting, cleaning and keeping comfy. While carrying and holding lifelike baby dolls in arms your children will practice how to love and care for others.

Preparing for a new sibling

If your child is having a sibling on the way, then gift your child a lifelike baby doll. It is because playing with a doll that exactly looks and feels like a real baby will help your child learn and prepare for a real baby. Your child will learn how to calm a crying baby and how to change a diaper. Playing with a reborn baby will help your child in learning how to carry the delicate real baby with great care. Your child needs to know that the real babies are not like usual dolls but need to handle gently and they will learn it by practicing on reborn baby dolls as they are delicate and soft exactly like real babies. 

Intellectual skills

Children playing with reborn baby dolls will learn unlimited important lessons. Reborn baby dolls are the same as real babies and your child will develop and strengthen language skills. You will see your little ones will talk and behave in the same way as you speak and try to construct sentences to talk to their baby dolls. Your children will also learn many other things from these lifelike baby dolls, for example, learning the parts of the body. Your child will know the role of their parents and help them develop a better understanding of working together.   
Fine motor and self-help learning
Playing with a lifelike baby doll is an excellent way for your child to learn how all the things work on his/her own. While dressing and undressing a lifelike baby doll, your child will learn to do it for self. Children would learn the working of zippers and buttons. Many other activities with reborn baby doll including feeding and bathing will help your child in learning these activities for her/herself. Gift your children a reborn baby doll and see how quickly your children motivate and learn from them.
Reborn baby dolls are so realistic and cute that they can bring happiness and joy to the faces of your children. Your children will love such realistic baby dolls. While holding lovely reborn baby dolls in their arms and playing with them, your kids will feel happy and smiling that is the most important reason why you should gift your child a lifelike baby doll. 

How to sculpt a reborn doll?

Most major faiths agree that humans were created in the image of God. And this belief has led to several artists trying to create reborn baby dolls in the image of man, thus giving rise to the huge reborn doll industry.Reborn toddler doll for sale started as toys for kids, though they have now grown to…

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How to look after a reborn doll?

The responsibility of caring for your reborn dolls comes with owning it. Reborns are more than your average doll and as such, they should be treated differently. Remember, a reborn silicone doll is essentially a piece of art that someone spent plenty of time and energy adding layers of paint, rooting hairs, and finishing to make it your…

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What are reborn doll used for?

“Reborn babies” are disconcertingly life-like baby dolls carefully crafted in vinyl, which have become swiftly popular mainly with collectors, but also with nostalgic grandparents and grieving parents.Made and collected by an online community of enthusiasts, they are painted several times to create the mottled color of newborn skin, have mohair hair and eyelashes, and are…

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How to have fun with a reborn doll?

The reborn doll hobby involves more than just collecting the cutest, most realistic reborn baby doll you can find. To really enjoy everything this unique hobby has to offer, you should spend  some time pampering and playing with them. After all, what good is collecting dolls if you aren’t going to play with them? Having a morning routine with…

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