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What you need to take care of your reborn baby doll?

Reborn baby dolls are more than your average doll, and as such, they should be treated differently. remember, a reborn doll is essentially a piece of art that someone spent countless hours perfecting; therefore, it should be treated as such. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that many newcomers to the hobby are forced to learn the hard way. Depending on the reborn you have, such a mistake can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
The bottom line is that you should always handle your reborn with the utmost of care. Try to think of your reborn as more of a collectible and less as an everyday toy. Collectibles are meant to last and should be handled with caution. Don’t toss your reborn around, pull on their limbs or hair, or be too rough with them in general. Failing to handle your reborn properly could result in damage that’s both costly and difficult to fix. If you take your reborn out to dress up or play with, make sure you put it back in a safe storage area before leaving the house.

Keep your reborn doll clean!

You might be here because you just got a silicone doll and you’re wondering if you can bathe it. You also might be looking into purchasing a silicone doll and wondering the same thing.
You may already have one and are wondering if you’re bathing it the proper way. If your doll has gotten dirty, you may be wondering, “how do I clean my silicone doll?”.
Because silicone babies typically have full silicone bodies, they are able to be fully submerged in water and bathed.
It is important to note, however, that they should not be bathed very often due to the fragile nature of their skin. 
There are silicone dolls that are not full silicone, they are attached to a cloth body and only the head and limbs are made of silicone. If this is the case with your doll, you cannot fully submerge them or get their body wet.
If you were to submerge a doll with a cloth body, you run the risk of harboring bacteria and mold that can ruin your doll.
If your reborn doll silicone has a cloth body and you’re looking to clean them up, use a sponge bath with a washcloth for their head and limbs.
Keep their body covered with a towel to prevent moisture from sneaking in.

Why bathe reborn dolls?

People have various reasons for wanting to bathe their silicone doll.
You may want to share the experience with your baby. There is nothing sweeter than seeing your reborn baby boy doll in their first bath!
There is something both nurturing and comforting about gently washing up then cuddling your baby in a soft towel.
Your doll may just be in need of a good cleaning. Silicone tends to attract lint, fuzz, or hair.
You may notice this stuck all over their arms, legs, or face. Time for a bath!
If you use powder on your silicone, this may also cause build-up in their creases (arm folds, neck, armpits). It’s best to gently bathe them to get this excess powder off.

What Things Do I Need To Bathe My Silicone?

Location: You may use a sink, a basin, a bathtub, or a baby bathtub. This is all preference. Many people prefer to purchase a baby bathtub as it is sized for use for a baby and it also adds a more realistic factor for bath time with your silicone.

Towel: We recommend using a light-colored, soft baby towel. Dark colors may bleed into the silicone, especially when it is wet. The softer the towel, the gentler it will be on the delicate, silicone skin.
Washcloth: Again, a soft, light-colored washcloth is best. This will prevent dark colors from staining your silicone’s skin. Baby washcloths are usually the best way to go.
Soap: Mild, gentle, scent-less soap is the best. Many people use baby soap and that is completely fine. The milder and gentler = the better and easier it will be on your silicone’s skin.
Q-Tips: If you have a doll whose mouth opens and closes, q-tips are helpful for drying out their mouth post-bath.
Powder: Utilizing powder is very common for silicone dolls. Powder decreases the shine of silicone and can also help with decreasing its likelihood of attracting hair, fuzz, or lint.
Powder also creates a more lifelike feel to the skin and keeps the doll smelling fresh and baby-like.
Many people use regular baby powder or purchase powders from special reborn doll full silicone shops.
Avoid using scented powders, the perfumes and oils in these may cause staining of the silicone.
Powder Brush: In order to evenly apply the powder, use a powder brush. You can use a regular makeup or blush brush. Use a brand new one that has not had any other harsh products on it that may harm your silicone’s skin.
Diaper/Clothes: Again, this is preference. Whether it’s a dress or overalls, whatever you decide to dress your baby in is the perfect choice!

Steps to bathe reborn doll:

First things first: Decide where you will bathe your doll. You can use a sink, bathtub, or baby bathtub. This is all preference.
Many people purchase and use baby bathtubs as this makes it for a more authentic, realistic experience. This is totally optional, you can bathe your baby wherever you please!
Next, you should gather everything you need so you’re not running all over the place while your baby waits.
Grab a towel, a washcloth, mild or gentle baby soap, q-tips, baby powder and a brush to apply it, a comb or baby brush, a diaper, and a fresh change of clothes.

Dress your reborn doll as a real baby

Clothes are as important to humans as they are to reborns. As such, it is worthy to note that choosing clothes for your cute little angels can be tricky sometimes especially for first time reborn parents. However, it is preferable that, before you go out in search of reborn clothes; remember to think of the following: safety, function, and convenience. Acquiring clothes with such characteristics for your reborns is key and of course, stress-free. With that in mind, enclosed below are some tips on how to choose clothes for your reborn dolls.

Avoid tight-fitting clothes

Reborn doll clothesThe first thing you need to consider for choosing reborn baby clothes is fitting. Never try to force the clothing on your delicate and soft baby doll. You should avoid very tight clothes which are hard and difficult to put on. It is really not a good idea to put on a very tight outfit on your baby.

Tight reborn baby clothes will restrict the mobility of your baby and your baby doll will appear oppressed in small and tight clothes. Putting on tight silicone baby doll clothes will put pressure on limbs of your dolls and is likely for them to come off and or even in some severe cases tearing off your doll limbs.

Choose the right Size of reborn baby doll clothes

The most important thing about reborn baby doll clothes is the accurate size. It is usually hard for people to know that what is right clothe size for their silicone reborn baby dolls. The too tight dress is hard to put on and dangerous for reborn baby’s delicate body. Too lose and oversize clothes will ruin the whole personality of your cute reborn doll. For your assistance here are the reference sizes while choosing clothes for reborn baby dolls. The pound is the weight of a real baby, not a doll.
As the human preemie has size up to 17 inches and weight up to 5 lb, so the clothes for reborn baby dolls below 17 inches i.e. 10 to 16 inches baby doll would be customized.
The 18-20 inches newborn baby doll will wear the size of newborn real baby clothes or 5 to 8 lb baby.
The 22 inches reborn doll will wear the clothes size of 3 months old baby.
The 24 inches reborn doll will wear the clothes size of 6 months old baby.
The 28 inches reborn doll will wear the clothes size of 12 months or 1-year-old baby.
Considering this guide in mind, you will be able to choose the best-fit cloth for your reborn baby doll. You can also find the proper and right clothes from some baby stores.

Treat yourTake care of your reborn doll

Protection and storage

If you have pets, you’ll want to keep your reborn doll out of their reach at all times. If a dog gets hold of it and mistakes it as a toy, you can say bye-bye to your precious reborn. A family dog can easily slip a reborn doll sitting on the couch for one of their toys. Once they get it in their mouth and start chewing on it, even the most well-made reborn doll will slowly begin to come apart. Most pets won’t mess with dolls, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Small children can be another concern for a reborn doll. If you want your reborn to remain in the same pristine condition as the day your first got it, you’ll want to store it in a place that’s out of your child’s sight and reach. It’s no secret that small children are drawn to dolls like magnets, but unfortunately, they’re likely to be rough with them. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever let them see it, but you have to teach them the boundaries of what’s acceptable and what’s not. If you have a child, inform them that your reborn isn’t a toy, and once they have developed an appreciation for it, you can let them hold or even play with your reborn as long as you’re around to supervise.

Treat It Like A Real Baby

Reborn dolls really look like real babies and can be cared for just like a real baby.

You may love babies but are either too young, not ready, or not able to have children of your own but with a reborn silicone baby doll you can experience parenting, it’s just like the real thing.Prepare for your reborn as you would a real baby. Buy real clothes for it, purchase blankets, diapers, bottles, stroller, baby car seat, dummies (pacifiers), toys, baby wipes and fake formula which can also be made with fabric softener or glue and water. Keep in mind that you do not need to buy expensive baby items because as real as your reborn is to you, it is still a doll.

Pick a name and fill in the birth certificate. If your reborn did not come with a birth certificate then you can print one off the internet. For example, here are 15 free birth certificate templates.

Care for your baby. Prepare a bottle for them, cover them up in a warm blanket so that they can take a nice long nap, clean them and spend some time holding them everyday. This will make you feel more comfortable with your baby doll. If you are serious about taking care of your reborn, we recommended that you set-up schedule which includes feeding times, nap times, diaper changing times and play times.

When you are comfortable, introduce your baby to family and friends. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your new baby doll. If you are not confident enough to show your baby to family and friends but want to connect with like-minded people then we recommend that you join a reborn doll community as these people will be much more understanding.

Take your baby outside. Your reborn will really enjoy going for a stroll to the park, mall or even just around the neighborhood. Simply snuggle them up in a stroller, put a dummy in their mouth (optional) and take them outside. Reborn’s look so real that it is that no one will even notice that it is not a real baby. You can also take it a step further and bring a diaper bag, a baby bottle, toys and a blanket, just like a real mom would. To help them fall asleep, you can gently roll the stroller back and forth.

Get some accessories. These reborn accessories will allow you to have more fun and take much better care of your baby.

How to sculpt a reborn doll?

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How to look after a reborn doll?

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How to have fun with a reborn doll?

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