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what is a reborn doll ? Why people need to buy a reborn baby doll ?

what is a reborn doll ?

What is a reborn doll ?The Reborn baby Doll, a toy that simulates a real baby, is realistic in shape, and its skin, hair, eyes, and eyelashes can even be fake. The original intention of the reborn doll is to solve the child-rearing desire of some childless parents or to help some parents who have lost their children through the pain of losing their children.

what is the purpose of a reborn doll?Why people need to buy a reborn baby doll ?

Many people own reborn baby dolls but become targets of hatred because of its weirdness and strange possibility. In many parts of the world, reborn dolls are still considered very unusual, however, here are a few reasons why owning them is completely fine.

1.A Great Hobby .  

Some people just like to collect reborn babies. You will find  that some people like to have more than one as they collect different babies with different features and different clothes. Some people like to have sets or reborn twins(which we love). 

2.To Fight Anxiety

Reborn dolls the doctors approved of this unusual coping mechanism and claimed that there is nothing wrong with treating a mere doll as a real baby as long as the baby doll looks convincing enough for anyone to decipher whether it’s real or not. It helped reduce the anxiety measures in many women who later got over the truth of not having real children but still enjoy having a reborn doll nevertheless.are known to have helped very effectively when it comes to anxiety, especially for adult women with no real children.

3. Fun

These dolls are treated just like a real baby except there are advantages to it such as not having to worry about your baby throwing up on the new clothes

or losing sleep in order to hush the baby to sleep. The reality is that is a lot of the sweetness that comes with a real baby, and its a nice pass time for people.

4. Therapeutic

Reborn dolls also served for a great purpose when it came to women who lost their babies at some point.

These dolls helped them not only remember their children but also kept them from feeling childless and broken. It’s a great way to memorialize a lost child. This serves as great therapy for women who suffer from the loss of a child or are unable to give birth to a baby themselves. Even for women who are in their pregnant stage and have the anxiety of raising a child all by themselves can work and practice their way through these vinyl dolls until the real baby comes. It serves as a great therapy because these dolls may help you teach the responsibility of taking care of important things in life.

  1. Helps With Stress Disorders

Women who have stress disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and depression have healed a great deal to the point of completely getting rid of their psychotropic medication because of these vinyl dolls. Playing with them is also included in psychological courses for such disorders.

If you happen to be dealing with any of these issues, it is completely okay for you to own a reborn doll. However, most people love to collect them and role-play with them out of interest.

A funny story of reborn baby doll !

Some time ago, a ridiculous incident happened in the United States. Some citizens called the police that there was a baby in the car on the side of the road and was forgotten in the car. He was dying! After receiving the call, the police rushed to the scene and found that the baby in the car had turned purple all over and was dying. I quickly found a tool to smash the window to rescue the child. I immediately put my finger into the baby’s mouth and tried to instill oxygen, but found something was wrong…

The baby’s mouth can’t be opened! A closer look reveals that this baby is a bit weird and does not seem to be a real person.According to the owner of the car, her own baby went away because of illness, so she bought this super-simulated doll as a spiritual comfort.It is said that the asking price for such a reborn doll is not low. One is about 2,000 US dollars . Such a real doll in the car is really too scary!!!

The Reborn Doll, a toy that simulates a real baby, is realistic in shape, and its skin, hair, eyes, and eyelashes can even be fake. The original intention of the rebirth doll is to solve the child-rearing desire of some childless parents or to help some parents who have lost their children through the pain of losing their children.

A toy called “Reborn babies” is popular in Britain and the United States. They are realistic in shape, with fake skin, hair, eyes, eyelashes, and even drooling. In addition to doll lovers, there are many mothers who have lost their children, even though they are expensive and cost hundreds of dollars.

Briton Nikki Hunn (BritonNikkiHunn) is a designer. Her target customer is a mother who has lost a child. Of course, there are many doll lovers to join her.

Eve Hasty, a 57-year-old mother in the United States, paid 300 US dollars for the “born baby” Abby because “she” reminded her of her daughter who died of leukemia at the age of 7. She will be sick and will not die, there is no pressure to raise her.” In fact, Eve Hesti has a son and the grandmother of an 8-year-old girl.

“Because of miscarriage, she spent 200,000 to buy a fake baby, but she was very stingy with her biological daughter. “

This British woman is named Kerry Williams. She already has 2 daughters, but she became obsessed with a simulation doll because of an accidental miscarriage. It is understood that the woman spent nearly 200,000 on the simulation doll, but she claimed to be a waste of money buying clothes for her two biological daughters.

what is a silicone reborn baby doll ?

Silicone reborn baby doll

Silicone reborn doll (silicone reborn doll, pictured). This silicone rebirth doll has a soft texture and is easy to bend. In a sense, silicone dolls are more realistic in touch because they act like a real child. However, because of the durability of silicone, it is necessary to treat them very carefully. Silicone dolls need to use talcum powder regularly, because their skin tends to be sticky, so do it at least once a week. Because the hair of silicone dolls is not tightly sealed, silicone dolls with hair transplants should be especially careful about hair loss. Nevertheless, the softness, mobility, and weight of silicone dolls are more like real babies in your arms, so many people’s first choice is silicone reborn dolls.

what is a vinyl reborn doll ?

Vinyl reborn doll

This vinyl reborn doll usually has a cloth body, and some molds have fake belly, which is more realistic for taking pictures. The body has a certain degree of flexibility, but it is certainly not as soft and easy to bend as the silicone rebirth doll. But it is excellent in maintenance, and only requires a cotton swab to do some basic cleaning procedures. Because the hair is tightly sealed, you can comb different hairstyles at will (especially dolls with long hair for girls). You can add weight to the cloth body as you like. Usually, glass beads are used to increase the weight of the doll to make the body closer to the baby’s weight.

Which one is the best ? Silicone reborn baby doll VS Vinyl reborn doll ?

Both dolls have obvious advantages and disadvantages: if you like to hold dolls, then silicone may be a good choice; at the same time, silicone dolls may not be visually realistic. Silicone dolls are very in need of good care, they are more fragile; if you are not careful to take care of the dolls, vinyl dolls are more suitable for you. In terms of price, silicone reborn dolls will be more expensive than vinyl dolls, but if they are very realistic, the price of vinyl will also be hundred of dollars.

How are reborn dolls made ? How to made a reborn doll ?

There are many ways to go about creating a lifelike silicone baby doll or for crafting reborn dolls. There are several tutorials on this topic available on the web. The process can be broken down into four broad steps: sculpting, molding, casting, and painting.

Reborning a doll is to make a doll as lifelike as possible using paints, rooting hair, and inserted eyes, if needed. Once the process is complete, some dolls look so real they have been mistaken for real babies. The following basic (and general) steps will help lead the artist to create their very first reborn doll.

1. Buy Reborn doll Supplies : Unpainted Reborn Doll Kits

Purchase a kit from a recommended reborn doll parts company. This is the easiest way to complete your first doll. Once you get a feel for the colors and doll making you can experiment with your way of doll making. The kit should contain everything you need to complete the project such as paints, stuffing materials, body, doll limbs, mohair, and the tools to complete the doll. A doll-making kit should cost around $150 and will contain almost everything needed for your first project. If you do not purchase a kit, the following suggested items will help you get started in reborning. There are purchase links listed in the sources section of this article. You also can buy reborn doll supplies from Aerinababy Store.

2.Purchase the reborn doll parts to complete the project

 Most dolls will need a head, arms, legs, cloth body, hair. If you are reborn an open-eyed baby, you will need to purchase eyes and perhaps eyelashes, if you choose not to buy a doll making kit. Purchase a rooting tool.Purchase pantyhose (to fill with beads) and other fillers as required for the project.

Purchase paint supplies. Most reborn artists use paints which will require the purchase of an oven , preferably a convection oven. You will need to purchase paints, paintbrushes, perhaps sea sponges or berry makers.

  • Many reborn artists use air-dry paints. If you choose to use air-dry paints, make sure to follow the directions, as there may be slight variations in technique depending on the paints.

3. Creating the Reborn Baby Doll

Wash all the doll parts and let dry thoroughly. Try to find a dish detergent that works well to remove oils and to clean your doll. You can search online to find out what reborn artists recommend when it comes to selecting the best dish detergent to use.Paint veins on the head and anywhere else you’d like veining. Typical areas to find veining would be on the backs of the hands and the bottom of the feet. Look at photos of babies to get a good idea of where to place the veins. Use a very thin paint, almost like watercolor, to paint the veins. Light layers of paint are what is needed to paint a reborn doll.Line a baking sheet or baking tray with a dish towel or tea towel. Place the doll parts onto the towel.

Bake the doll parts that have had veins applied. The temperature is usually between 260 to 265 °F (127 to 129 °C) for 8 minutes to set the paint. Remove the doll parts and let cool. Apply a thin wash of flesh tone colored paint in a pouncing motion using a mop brush or sponge, your choice, to the doll parts. Be sure to use a very thin, almost watercolor consistency paint, otherwise, your doll will end up looking chalky. Bake according to the previous directions. Let it cool.Reapply several thin layers of flesh tone and mottling layers of colored paint using a brush or sponge. Bake to set the paint.Apply a thin wash of blushing to create a newborn blotchy look. Typical places to blush would include the bottoms of the feet (use a “U” motion to paint around the outer edges of the sole); in baby creases (do this delicately) and across the bridge of the nose and cheeks. Use a sea sponge or mop brush to pounce the paint. Bake to set paint using previous directions.Paint the nails and lips. Use a filbert paintbrush to apply the paint. Apply one layer of paint to the nails and several layers to the lips. Bake as directed above to set the paint.

Paint the eyelids with fine veining using a script liner brush. Use a delicate hand, and thinned paint, to carefully paint veins on the eyelids. Use a purplish paint that looks much like Dioxide purple. Bake the doll parts as directed to set the paint. Paint the eyebrows using a script liner brush and a delicate hand. The paint should be very thin so the brows look delicate when painted onto the face. Bake the doll parts as directed to set the paint. Apply the nail tips using a liner brush or toothpick. Use a whitish paint and delicately apply a dab of paint following the curvature of the nail. Bake the doll parts as directed to set the paint.

4. Rooting the Hair and Eyelashes , Painting Reborn Baby Hair ,reborn doll hair
reborn doll eyes,reborn baby doll kit

Cut the mohair into manageable lengths, around 3 inches (7.6 cm).
Insert the hair into the scalp using the rooting tool and felt needles.Glue the hair from inside the head cavity. Add a good dollop of glue to the inside of the head cavity in the scalp area. You can search online to discover what reborn artists recommend for gluing hair. Use a hemostat or other long gripping tool and a sponge to smear the glue around. Let dry.

Root the eyelashes. The eyelashes are rooted the same way. Root the eyelashes in and then glue them from inside the doll head.

Trim the scalp hair as desired. Look at newborn babies to get a general idea of how to style the hair. Some artists use a razor comb to style the hair as this helps create a realistic hair cut.Dampen the hair with water and place a cut off nylon, or nylon sock, on the head to hold the hair down. Let it dry.Style the hair as desired.

Painting Reborn Baby Hair

Step 1: Pour some colored paint in a small bowl and mix well to get the desired color you seek.

Step 2: Make sure you have the reborn doll head ready and as a guide (optional), you can use a removable marker to indicate where you’d want the paint to end. Remember, you do not want the paint extending towards the doll’s face.

Step 3: Ensure you have all of your desired painting brushes ready. Remember you do not want to keep taking breaks just to get a particular brush during this time.

Step 4: Begin the painting process. Start by using some specially designed brushes to draw some fine intricate lines (flowing hairs) around the baby dolls’ forehead, ears areas, and back head to mimic that on real babies.

Step 5: Apply some code of paint on the reborn’s head to act as the base for more painting and desired designs (black or thick brown colors). Ensure this code of paint takes the form of a question mark, from the center of the head flowing towards the ear section, without going towards the face and ears.

Step 6: Still with the brush and paint, keep drawing more lines to mimic the question mark sigh you began with. This goes a long way to demonstrate the hairline on a real baby’s head. At this stage, the idea becomes more and more realistic.

Step 7: After coating the reborn’s head with the brown or black colors, the next step is adding the third color (cream white).

NB: If you are trying to recreate reborns of African descent, the dark and brown color combinations work just fine. However, if you are recreating a Caucasian reborn then you may need to paint the reborn with a few stripes of cream-colored paint.

Step 8: Once you’ve added the creamed colored paint on the reborns head, ensure to add a little more of the thick brown color paint. This will give a serene and realistic look to a natural baby. Which of course is what you need after so much work and effort.

Step 9: Step 9 is the most vital piece of the whole puzzle. This step entails adding the 3D texture medium to either the brown or the black paints used on the reborn’s head. After that, continue with the painting process. Do this until you get a realistic hairdo on your reborn. It should be noted that if you cannot lay hands on the 3D medium color, do not get yourself worked up. Make do with what you have.

5.Assembling the Reborn Baby Doll

Follow the kit directions or directions given for the purchased doll parts. In general, line the body cavities with cut off pantyhose and fill with beads or other filler to weight the body and head. Secure the nylons and place them in appropriate doll cavities.Assemble the doll parts following the kit or purchased body directions.Diaper your doll, if appropriate. Dress your doll in the desired outfit.

What is the best place to buy a reborn doll ? where can i buy a reborn baby doll

You can buy baby reborn doll from local store .You also can buy from Walmart and Amazon .But Aerinaby Store give you 50% OFF to buy the real silicone reborn baby doll .

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What are reborn doll used for?

“Reborn babies” are disconcertingly life-like baby dolls carefully crafted in vinyl, which have become swiftly popular mainly with collectors, but also with nostalgic grandparents and grieving parents.Made and collected by an online community of enthusiasts, they are painted several times to create the mottled color of newborn skin, have mohair hair and eyelashes, and are…

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