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How to look after a reborn doll?

The responsibility of caring for your reborn dolls comes with owning it. Reborns are more than your average doll and as such, they should be treated differently. Remember, a reborn silicone doll is essentially a piece of art that someone spent plenty of time and energy adding layers of paint, rooting hairs, and finishing to make it your perfect doll baby; therefore, it should be treated as such.

Besides, taking well care of your reborn will ensure that it withstands the hands of time and remains as beautiful and flawless as it did when you first got it. Treating your reborn carelessly or being too “rough” with it will increase the chance of it becoming damaged or otherwise broken. In this article, we have listed the instructions on how to care for reborn dolls for you.

Protection and storage

Don’t treat it like a toy

Always handle your reborn with the utmost of care. Try to think of your reborn as more of a collectible and less as an everyday toy. Collectibles are meant to last and should be handled with caution. Be mindful of your baby’s fragile eye lashes when pulling clothing over her head. Don’t toss your reborn around pull on their limbs or head, or be too rough with them in general. Failing to properly handle your reborn could result in damage that’s both costly and difficult to fix. If you take your reborn out to dress up or play with, make sure you put it back in a safe storage area before leaving the house.

Proper preservation

Keep out of reach of pets and children. A family dog can easily mistake a reborn doll sitting on the couch for one of their toys. Once they get it in their mouth and start chewing on it, even the most well-made reborn doll will slowly begin to come apart. Most pets won’t mess with dolls, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Small children can be another concern for a reborn life like doll. If you want your reborn to remain in the same pristine condition as the day your first got it, you’ll want to store it in a place that’s out of your child’s sight and reach. Small children are likely to be rough with dolls. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever let them see it, but you have to instruct them about the proper care and handling of the doll, and once they have developed an appreciation for it, you can let them hold or even play with your reborn as long as you’re around to supervise.

Avoid sunlight and extreme heat

Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat. A reborn is typically made from vinyl, which is susceptible to age and fatigue when exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun or an excessively high heat. The sun can cause the vinyl to become discolored or to break down. Other heat sources, such as a kitchen stove or a hot car, can cause the vinyl to warp and deteriorate. Finding them a spot in the house that is removed from excessive heat sources and direct sunlight will prolong the life of your reborn doll. Also, never leave your reborn in a car in any weather, for a car can heat up quickly.

How to clean your reborn baby dolls

While reborn baby dolls are generally made with durable material that can withstand years of play and sometimes manhandling, you still need to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning them. From harsh cleaning materials to negligent cleaning techniques, you may end up ruining the doll in a bid to clean it if you aren’t too careful. Thus maintaining reborn dolls in a nice and clean condition requires special care and knowledge of how to take care of them. Here are some tips on how to clean up and take care of your doll:
Things you will need

Steps to clean reborn dolls

First off, remove the doll’s clothing. The clothes are usually made of regular material and as such can easily be hand washed or machine washed.
Pour the lukewarm water into the bowl, make a solution out of the soap/detergent and the water to make the water in the bowl mildly soapy. Do not use hot water as it can damage the plastic or silicone material.
Dip the towel or washcloth into the water, wring out the excess liquid. Using the now wet towel, wipe all over the doll’s body – face, arms, legs, and the midsection. Pay extra attention to their fingers, toes and other areas with crevices, ensure you are getting off as much dirt as possible in these areas.
Wipe as gently as possible, avoid scratching, hard scrubbing or other washing techniques that may damage the body of the reborn baby doll.
Repeat the washing process as many times as necessary until the grime is all gone and the doll is clean and spotless.
Rinse out the soapy residue on the doll with a wet towel dipped in normal lukewarm water (not soapy water).
Once the doll is well rinsed, dry up its body using the dry end of the towel or another one entirely.
At this point the doll should be clean and dry, dress up the doll in clean and dry clothes as well, your reborn doll boy should look as good as new.

Additional tips for handling reborn baby dolls

Cleaning a reborn baby doll all the time was can tedious, and knowing how to handle these dolls can help you ensure that you do not have to wash them frequently.

Certain dolls come with electrical fittings and batteries, if your reborn doll is one of such, you need to be extra cautious when cleaning it and never place the doll in water to avoid destroying the electrical parts.
Most silicone and vinyl dolls come with hair. You can wash it with mild baby shampoo to keep the hair nice and clean. Only brush the doll’s hair with a soft bristle toothbrush or a baby toothbrush.
When the reborn doll baby is not in use, you can keep it in an enclosed display case. This will shield the doll from dust that can settle and get it dirty quicker the necessary.
Remove all accessories the doll has on before putting it away – shoes, jewelry, and clothing. This will prevent the dye from the clothing getting on the doll after a certain period of storage without use.
Do not put away reborn baby dolls in the garage, arctic or basement. Keep it in a temperature controlled room without too hot or too cold extremes.

Reborn Hair Care

Has your reborn doll  been out again in the humidity or rain and acquired frizzy hair as a result? Is she too embarrassed to meet ‘Ken’ with her bushy hair?

Like us, a reborn doll hair can easily become tangled over time. Yet, unlike us, they require a different special kind of care and products. 

So, read on to find out the different common doll hair types and simple steps on how to fix frizzy doll hair. Plus, things to avoid with doll hair and human products that can be used on dolls.

Things To Avoid With Doll Hair

It can be easy to forget that our unblinking pal is essentially not a person. Yet, keep in mind that not everything we use for our hair should be applied to a doll’s hair, including: 
No human hairbrush: People’s hair naturally produces oil and by transferring our brush onto a doll’s hair, it can create more dirt and bacteria on both our hair and the doll’s. So, any small hairbrush is recommended for your doll.
No warm water: It is recommended to stick with cool water instead of warm water to wash or detangle your doll’s frizzy hair. Warm water may make curls fall or weaken the glue on the doll’s wig base.
No high heat: Hairstyling tools, such as hair straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons, can potentially melt or harm the doll’s hair. Also, for dolls with human hair, heat tools should be cautiously applied with very low heat.

8 Steps On How To Fix Frizzy Doll Hair 

As modern-day dolls are more popular in the playpen, this section lays out eight steps on how to fix frizzy doll hair for dolls with synthetic hair. 

Step 1 
Whether you’re simply brushing through your doll’s hair to eliminate the frizz or giving her a bath to also straighten out her hair, remove all her accessories and clothes.

You don’t want any hair stuck to her fabric while cleaning her.

Step 2 
Lie down your doll with her hair stretched out on the surface. Part her hair into 2 or more parts to prepare for easier detangling. Dolls larger than a Barbie may require 4 or more sections.

Step 3 
Mix cool water with liquid fabric softener and pour into a spray bottle. The mixture should be half and half.

Alternatively, you can consider baby shampoo or conditioner to make combing through your doll’s hair easier.

Step 4 
Using the home mixture, shake well and then spray on each section of the doll’s hair until they feel damp.

In this manner, the specially formulated moisture will soften the synthetic hair for easier brushing.

Step 5 
For each divided hair section, brush one at a time. Using a small comb or brush with soft or metal bristles, start brushing upwards from the lower hair ends while holding down the doll’s head with your other hand.

Otherwise, you risk pulling out some of her hair. Ultimately, you will know if your doll’s hair completely detangles when you work your way back around to brush smoothly through all the sections at once.

Step 6 
Afterward, make sure you rinse out your doll’s hair thoroughly with cool water to remove the fabric softener.

You should do so by holding the doll’s hair under the running faucet and use your fingers as a comb to remove any chemicals and dirt.

Step 7 
Proceed to formally wash your doll’s hair with a bowl of cool water mixed with gentle or mild soap. The bowl must be large enough to dip the doll’s hair into.

A few drops of the soap will do and don’t forget to mix her ‘bath’ well.

To wash the doll’s hair with the bowl of water and soap, simply dip the doll’s hair into the mixture and swish her hair around underwater (Tip: Too much swirling of the doll’s hair in water will have little to no effect). 

At the same time, comb through her hair in the water to detangle some more and lather in the soap. It should be about 30 seconds or until the entire hair is wet.

Step 8
Repeat step 6 with the rinsing of the doll’s hair to now remove all the soap. Use cool and clean water.

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