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How to have fun with a reborn doll?

The reborn doll hobby involves more than just collecting the cutest, most realistic reborn baby doll you can find. To really enjoy everything this unique hobby has to offer, you should spend  some time pampering and playing with them. After all, what good is collecting dolls if you aren’t going to play with them? Having a morning routine with your reborn doll is one of the many ways you can enjoy them. Here, I’m going to share with you my personal reborn doll morning routine and what it involves.

Give your reborn doll a sweet home

Playing with these realistic baby dolls is preferred by people due to its realistic features. Real-life accessories may enhance the kind of role-play situation with baby dolls. Give reborn dolls a sweet home makes it more enjoyable. Here is a list of items that perfectly decorate your baby doll’s home.
Have the cutest clothes to dress her or him up. Only bringing a baby doll home is incomplete. Their clothing is necessary. Reborn doll clothes are available in just as many varieties. I believe you will adore those cute small clothes when you are shopping.

Supplements & Accessories

Little baby doll accessories, there is nothing cuter than that! Tiny baby accessories matching with parent accessories. Pink hairband, little brooches, pearl earrings…Pick some, dress your doll and show off! Otherwise, don’t forget a trio of bottles, pacifiers, and diapers. These are the holy trinity of the survival of a baby.

Mats and beds

I guess the sleeping place for a doll must be the perfect combination of the warm and the adorable. Preparing your favorite mat and small bunk bed is a meaningful thing for creating a sweet home. You can DIY or just buy them from the custom reborn doll shops.
Hope the tips mentioned above may help you have fun with your adorable reborn baby dolls. More useful guidance about reborn dolls is available on the site World Reborn Doll.

Treat It like a real baby

Reborn dolls really look like real babies and can be cared for just like a real baby.
You may love babies but are either too young, not ready, or not able to have children of your own but with a reborn doll you can experience parenting, it’s just like the real thing.
Prepare for your reborn as you would a real baby. Buy real clothes for it, purchase blankets, diapers, bottles, stroller, baby car seat, dummies (pacifiers), toys, baby wipes and fake formula which can also be made with fabric softener or glue and water. Keep in mind that you do not need to buy expensive baby items because as real as your reborn is to you, it is still a doll.

Name your reborn doll

Pick a name and fill in the birth certificate. If your reborn did not come with a birth certificate then you can print one and your reborn doll images off the internet. Name your doll something cute and lovable. Remember it is your choice. You can check baby name websites for a great selection of names. If you want a unique name, you can find a site where you can exclude the most popular names. If you are interested in popular names you can take a look at those too. You can use flower names like Rose or a name that rhymes or corresponds with your name. Do a “today” name like Olivia or a “yesterday” name like Abigail. If you just wanna have fun do a name that you just made up with your imagination.

Introduce your reborn baby to your family and friends

Care for your baby. Prepare a bottle for them, cover them up in a warm blanket so that they can take a nice long nap, clean them and spend some time holding them everyday. This will make you feel more comfortable with your baby doll. If you are serious about taking care of your reborn, we recommended that you set-up schedule which includes feeding times, nap times, diaper changing times and play times.
When you are comfortable, introduce your baby to family and friends. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your new baby doll. If you are not confident enough to show your baby to family and friends but want to connect with like-minded people then we recommend that you join a reborn doll community as these people will be much more understanding.

Walk out of the house with your reborn doll

Take your baby outside. Your reborn will really enjoy going for a stroll to the park, mall or even just around the neighborhood. Simply snuggle them up in a stroller, put a dummy in their mouth (optional) and take them outside. Reborn’s look so real that it is that no one will even notice that it is not a real baby. You can also take it a step further and bring a diaper bag, a baby bottle, toys and a blanket, just like a real mom would. To help them fall asleep, you can gently roll the stroller back and forth.
Get some accessories. These reborn baby doll accessories will allow you to have more fun and take much better care of your baby.

Make a reborn doll schedule

Before I go into the details about my morning routine, let me first say that there’s no wrong way to do it. As long as you enjoy the time spent with your reborn dolls, then you have a good routine. Some collectors stress about every little detail without taking the time to truly enjoy their dolls. As the old saying goes — stop and smell the roses — holds true with the reborn doll hobby. So, don’t sweat the little stuff and enjoy your beautiful reborn dolls for the fun and uniqueness they provide.

Morning Schedule

Gently wake your beautiful reborn with a light shake. You can also whisper something like, “Good morning sweetie, time to get up and start the day.” Gently pull the covers off and pickup your baby doll. Once your baby is awake you can turn on the lights. It is important that you always treat your reborn baby with love and avoid rough shakes, horrible alarms clocks and lighting in their eyes before it wakes up.
Feed your reborn with a bottle or baby food. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you want to make sure that your baby doll is well fed. You can even get creative by creating some fun juices or silly pancakes. If your baby refuses to eat, try and feed it later. It might not be hungry. If it starts to cry, it is a sign it doesn’t want food. Gently clean the doll up and then try again later.
Hold your baby in your arms and begin to gentle rock it. Slowly rocking the baby doll will comfort it after breakfast.
Change its diaper. By now the baby’s diaper will need changing. Simply take off the old one, give the doll a clean and put a new one back on.
Get it dressed. Pick out a cute and comfortable outfit for your reborn and get it ready to start the day. If you want, take a picture of it in it’s adorable little outfit and have fun playing dress up!
Start the day. Your doll is part of your family so you should take it with you to picnics, walks, to the grocery store and wherever else possible. If you are going somewhere you can’t take your baby, make sure you leave it in a safe place away from sunlight, heat and extreme cold.

Afternoon Schedule

Play with your doll. Get out it’s toys and play with it. Don’t forget to show it love, it will have a great time! You can also take pictures of your reborn and it’s toys.
Feed it lunch. Just like breakfast, lunch can be a bottle or some mushy food.
Change its diaper. It’s that time of the day, you know what to do.
Spend time quality time together. Snuggle with your reborn on the couch, give it some cuddles, talk to it, read a book to it or play with it.
Take it outside. You don’t want your baby doll to be cooped up inside all day. Take it to the park and push it on the baby swing, go down the slide with it and use other equipment that is available at the park with it. Just make sure it’s safe so it doesn’t get hurt.
Let it take a nap. Your wonderful baby must be exhausted from all the fun so lay it down and let it sleep. To help it sleep, you can also rock it in your arms before putting it down.

Evening Schedule

Feed it dinner. By this time, your baby doll will be hungry again.
Change its diaper. You know the drill.
Clean it. It’s important to clean your doll so that it feels refreshed and so that it stays in perfect condition.
Read it a bedtime story. Babies love stories! You can either read it a fairy tale or make a story up.
Sing it a lullaby. This can be done in combination or as an alternative to reading a bedtime story. Rock your baby doll in your arms while singing a soft song.
Put the doll to bed. Gently lay down your precious sweetheart and kiss it goodnight.

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