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How to fix a reborn doll?

The Reborn doll is part of your family,fixing a reborn doll is a family cure.This Fix-It Guide on reborn doll repair tells you how to fix reborn doll, what often goes wrong, how to identify a doll problem, and what parts and tools you will need to fix it. It then gives simple step-by-step instructions for how to replace a cloth-body doll’s torso,how to fix reborn doll eyelashes and how to fix frizzy doll hair. Whether it’s a reborn doll or a collectible, your home doll hospital can rejuvenate many friends using doll repair or hand puppet repair. 

How to replace a reborn doll’s torso ?

Replace a reborn doll’s torso:

You can access the inside of a cloth doll by cutting a slit in its back, then closing it up when done.
Undo the stitching holding the head and limbs to the torso. Then un-stitch the body and use the fabric as a pattern (adding about 3/4 inch all the way around for the seam) for the new body. Add about 1 inch of fabric to the limb and neck openings.
Sew the torso inside out, leaving the rear seam open. To attach plastic or vinyl pieces, turn up about 1 inch of fabric and sew through the holes located at the base of each piece.
Turn the torso right side out and stuff the doll with polyester filling.
Stitch up the rear seam with small, tight overhand stitches.

Restring a plastic or vinyl doll:

Make two elastic stringing loops: one for the legs and head, and a shorter one for the arms. Loop sizes depend on the material’s elasticity and the reborn doll full siliconel size. The elastic should hold the head and limbs securely while allowing smooth movement. Make tight knots in the end of the elastic to bind it.
If the head is attached with an internal hook that’s broken or missing, make a new one from a wire coat hanger. Cut off a section with wire-cutting pliers and bend it into shape. Attach the hook to the head bar. Then secure the larger elastic stringing loop to the hook and push the loop down through the neck cavity and into the doll’s torso. Position the doll head on top of the body.
To attach a leg, make a stringing hook to reach into the torso and grasp the loop hanging from the head. Pull the loop down through the leg hole and secure it to the hook inside the leg. Pull out the stringing hook and repeat the process for the other leg.
To attach an arm, hook one end of your stringing loop to the arm and feed the loop through the arm hole. Use the stringing hook to pull the loop through the opposite arm hole. Attach the loop to the hook on the arm then remove the stringing hook.

How to Fix Reborn Doll Eyelashes

The eyelashes on an awake reborn are very fragile. Artists put them on at the very end of the reborning process because they are so easy to disturb. They are easily crushed and bent, can be easily knocked out of place or ripped completely off during a procedure such as rooting, and if put on before painting is finished, most eyelashes will melt during baking (almost all lashes are synthetic—very few are made of human hair).

When they are attached to the reborn at the very end of the reborning process, only a thin line of glue is used to hold them in place. To use too much glue would look bulky and unrealistic. Under normal conditions for a reborn, this amount of glue will be just fine. But should a child get a hold of a reborn, or clothing be pulled too roughly across the face, or so on, it is possible for eyelashes to become at least partially detached. But here’s the good news: it is easy to fix!

I am going to show you two different ways to fix your reborn doll eyes. The first method is for eyelashes that are only partially detached. The second method is for lashes that are completely detached, or for replacing the eyelashes altogether.

Method 1: Partially Detached Eyelashes

First, you will squirt a small amount of glue onto a spare piece of paper or a paper towel. Next, dip the very tip of one of your toothpicks into the glue. Get just a small amount of glue onto the end of it. Too much glue on the tip will be make it hard for you to maneuver the toothpick in the small space between the detached eyelashes and the eye.
Now you will use the toothpick to “paint” the glue onto the bottom edge of the eyelashes. Don’t spend a lot of time on this part because the glue will begin to dry quickly. Get the glue as close as you can to where the eyelashes are still attached. We want to make the lashes as secure as possible. Try not to bump the eye or the reborn baby boy doll‘s face with the glue too much. But if you do accidentally get some glue where it shouldn’t be, don’t worry; since you are using a craft glue, it can still be cleaned off while the glue is wet.
Have one or two clean toothpicks sitting nearby and use one or both of them to gently, but firmly, press the eyelashes into place against the eye socket. Once you are satisfied with the positioning of your reborn doll silicone‘s eyelashes, grab one of the wet Q-tips and use it to gently wipe off the excess glue from any place it might have smeared. You can use this wet Q-tip to gently press against the base of the eyelashes and push back any glue that might have squished out onto the eye a bit while you were pressing the lashes into place. Once you are finished with that, you are done! You need only to let the eyelashes dry and your reborn will be as good as new.

Method 2: Completely Detached or New Eyelashes

With this method, instead of “painting” the glue on with a toothpick, you’re going to put the glue directly onto the eyelashes. (Note: If you are putting on completely new lashes, before you put glue onto them, you’ll want to use the tweezers to temporarily set them in place so you can cut them down to the correct size.) Start out by squirting a line of glue onto a spare piece of paper or paper towel. Next you will pick up the eyelashes with tweezers (it is much easier hold onto and manipulate the lashes without damaging them if you use tweezers rather than fingers). Dip them strait down into the glue and get a fine line of glue onto the base of the eyelashes. Now, still holding onto the eyelashes with the tweezers, fit them into place by first setting the edge of the eyelashes into the outer corner of the reborn’s eye socket. I like to use a clean toothpick to hold that corner in place with my other hand while I finish setting the eyelashes into place, gradually bending them in toward the inner corner of the reborn’s eye socket near the nose.Once you have it set up against the top of the eye, put down the tweezers and grab a second toothpick to help the first toothpick gently, but firmly, press the eyelashes into place against the top of the reborn doll’s eye socket. Once you are satisfied with the positioning of your reborn’s eyelashes, grab one of the wet Q-tips and use it to gently wipe off the excess glue from any place it might have smeared. You can use this wet Q-tip to gently press against the base of the eyelashes and push back any glue that might have squished out onto the eye a bit while you were pressing the lashes into place.

How To Fix Frizzy Doll Hair

Has your reborn doll  been out again in the humidity or rain and acquired frizzy hair as a result? Is she too embarrassed to meet ‘Ken’ with her bushy hair?

Like us, a reborn doll hair can easily become tangled over time. Yet, unlike us, they require a different special kind of care and products. 

So, read on to find out the different common doll hair types and simple steps on how to fix frizzy doll hair. Plus, things to avoid with doll hair and human products that can be used on dolls.

Things To Avoid With Doll Hair

It can be easy to forget that our unblinking pal is essentially not a person. Yet, keep in mind that not everything we use for our hair should be applied to a doll’s hair, including: 
No human hairbrush: People’s hair naturally produces oil and by transferring our brush onto a doll’s hair, it can create more dirt and bacteria on both our hair and the doll’s. So, any small hairbrush is recommended for your doll.
No warm water: It is recommended to stick with cool water instead of warm water to wash or detangle your doll’s frizzy hair. Warm water may make curls fall or weaken the glue on the doll’s wig base.
No high heat: Hairstyling tools, such as hair straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons, can potentially melt or harm the doll’s hair. Also, for dolls with human hair, heat tools should be cautiously applied with very low heat.

8 Steps On How To Fix Frizzy Doll Hair 

As modern-day dolls are more popular in the playpen, this section lays out eight steps on how to fix frizzy doll hair for dolls with synthetic hair. 

Step 1 
Whether you’re simply brushing through your doll’s hair to eliminate the frizz or giving her a bath to also straighten out her hair, remove all her accessories and clothes.

You don’t want any hair stuck to her fabric while cleaning her.

Step 2 
Lie down your doll with her hair stretched out on the surface. Part her hair into 2 or more parts to prepare for easier detangling. Dolls larger than a Barbie may require 4 or more sections.

Step 3 
Mix cool water with liquid fabric softener and pour into a spray bottle. The mixture should be half and half.

Alternatively, you can consider baby shampoo or conditioner to make combing through your doll’s hair easier.

Step 4 
Using the home mixture, shake well and then spray on each section of the doll’s hair until they feel damp.

In this manner, the specially formulated moisture will soften the synthetic hair for easier brushing.

Step 5 
For each divided hair section, brush one at a time. Using a small comb or brush with soft or metal bristles, start brushing upwards from the lower hair ends while holding down the doll’s head with your other hand.

Otherwise, you risk pulling out some of her hair. Ultimately, you will know if your doll’s hair completely detangles when you work your way back around to brush smoothly through all the sections at once.

Step 6 
Afterward, make sure you rinse out your doll’s hair thoroughly with cool water to remove the fabric softener.

You should do so by holding the doll’s hair under the running faucet and use your fingers as a comb to remove any chemicals and dirt.

Step 7 
Proceed to formally wash your doll’s hair with a bowl of cool water mixed with gentle or mild soap. The bowl must be large enough to dip the doll’s hair into.

A few drops of the soap will do and don’t forget to mix her ‘bath’ well.

To wash the doll’s hair with the bowl of water and soap, simply dip the doll’s hair into the mixture and swish her hair around underwater (Tip: Too much swirling of the doll’s hair in water will have little to no effect). 

At the same time, comb through her hair in the water to detangle some more and lather in the soap. It should be about 30 seconds or until the entire hair is wet.

Step 8
Repeat step 6 with the rinsing of the doll’s hair to now remove all the soap. Use cool and clean water.

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