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How to do hair for reborn doll?

Reborn dolls are vinyl baby dolls that have been “reborn,” or heavily altered to suit the tastes of the owner. The popularity of reborn dolls is mainly due to the alterations, which imitate real babies as closely as possible. Doll owners can customise their reborns to look like any baby they like, including adding different make-up,reborn baby doll accessories,eyes and even hair. You can replace your vinyl doll’s hair or add hair to a bald doll by rooting new synthetic hair into the head.Rooting hair is the most important part of making a reborn doll,Here’s a brief introduction to hair cultivation.

Different Types of Doll Hair

Depending on your doll’s hair type, it can affect how you should relax doll hair and to maintain it. The most common doll hair types include: 

Human Hair
People’s hair can be harvested after haircuts for many purposes, including the use of it to make doll hair. The human hair strands are usually sewn into a wig-like cap or base made of mesh material.

Reborn baby doll kit with human hair are generally expensive and require delicate maintenance because their wig base usually requires removal from the doll’s head to straighten or clean it.

Originating from the skins of Angora goats, mohair is commonly considered to be almost human-like due to its similar structure and consistency.

Therefore, mohair is usually styled and cared for in the same way as human hair but with more caution, and mohair is usually glued onto the doll’s head instead of on a wig base.

Plus, do not cut mohair because it is expensive to replace.

Mohair is often used on reborn and silicone baby dolls

Synthetic Hair
Fibers that have been spun into a particular shape are referred to as synthetic fibers. They are made to look like human hair.

Most modern dolls carry this hair type including Baby Alive and many inexpensive reborn dolls. 

Caring for a doll with a synthetic wig requires separating the wig base from the doll’s head. 

Wool Hair
Also known as caracol hair type, this style appears as short fur with curls and is glued to a wig base. The wool hair originates from the skins of Persian lambs and Karakul sheep.

It is commonly used for infant dolls and male toddler dolls. 

No liquids should be used to clean wool doll hair because water can cause matting of the hair and weaken the glue. on dolls but rather, consider talcum powder or cornstarch for the doll’s hair.

Then, a clean toothbrush can gently scrape away the powders.

Most dolls that were made during the 70s and 80s carry yarn-like hair, such as Cabbage Patch Dolls and many rag dolls.

Such yarns are typically woven into the doll’s head or glued on and the yarn types include those that feel coarse and those that are finer and thinner. 

Heed extreme caution when caring for yarn-hair dolls because they should never be brushed since the yarn fibers will loosen up.

Also, sometimes yarn doll hair can develop mildew when wet. If washing is needed, use Woolite or fabric softener on the yarn material.

How to root hair on a reborn doll

Painting and preparatory

The act of reborn doll hair painting came to prominence as some reborn doll artists kept exploring new ways to get the best painting inspired hairstyles for their reborns. Taking to mind the fact that most reborns come with mohair, others hand-painted hair instead. Unlike the mohair, which is planted and prone to destruction if not handled carefully. On the other hand, the painted hair has no such issues.

The act of painting is a talent possessed by a few. Unlike drawings on papers, walls, and objects, painting a reborn doll’s hair requires a lot of craft and skills. Enclosed below are some of the tools required in painting reborns hair.
Unless you plan on having a bald reborn doll, you’ll need to root in hair on their scalp. This will allow your doll to look as realistic as possible with a full head of life-like hair. Of course if you fail to properly root the hair, or if you don’t use enough, your doll simply won’t look right. Thankfully, hair rooting isn’t difficult.First and foremost, you’ll have to decide what type of hair you want to use on your reborn life like doll. Most artists, myself included, prefer the look of mohair for reborn dolls, as it looks almost identical to actual baby hair.
The instructions on how to paint your reborn doll ultimately depends on what type of paint you choose to go with. Genesis heat-set or air-dry paints are the the best all-around choices for reborning. Some people may attempt to use traditional oil or acrylic-based paints, but these aren’t recommended. Acrylic paints tend to dry too fast, oftentimes setting before you are able to finish the job. On the other hand, oil paints can take well over 12 hours to fully dry. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem with Genesis heat-set paints because you are able to control exactly when you want to set it.

When choosing reborn doll paint, remember that you’ll need several different shades to create the most realistic effect possible. A lot of beginners fail to realize this and instead only use a single color on their doll. While this is fine for traditional toy dolls, reborns require several different shades to create an authentic life-like appearance.
After the preparation,Let’s begin to to root hair on a reborn doll.

Steps to root hair

Step 1: Pour some colored paint in a small bowl and mix well to get the desired color you seek.
Step 2: Make sure you have the reborn doll head ready and as a guide (optional), you can use a removable marker to indicate where you’d want the paint to end. Remember, you do not want the paint extending towards the doll’s face.
Step 3: Begin the painting process. Start by using some specially designed brushes to draw some fine intricate lines (flowing hairs) around the baby dolls’ forehead, ears areas, and back head to mimic that on real babies.
Step 4: Apply some code of paint on the reborn’s head to act as the base for more painting and desired designs (black or thick brown colors). Ensure this code of paint takes the form of a question mark, from the center of the head flowing towards the ear section, without going towards the face and ears.
Step 5: After coating the reborn’s head with the brown or black colors, the next step is adding the third color (cream white).

Step 6: Once you’ve added the creamed colored paint on the reborns head, ensure to add a little more of the thick brown color paint. This will give a serene and realistic look to a natural baby. Which of course is what you need after so much work and effort.
Step 7: Step 7 is the most vital piece of the whole puzzle. This step entails adding the 3D texture medium to either the brown or the black paints used on the reborn’s head. After that, continue with the painting process. Do this until you get a realistic hairdo on your reborn. It should be noted that if you cannot lay hands on the 3D medium color, do not get yourself worked up. Make do with what you have.

Reborn doll hair maintenance and restoration

Things To Avoid With Doll Hair

It can be easy to forget that our unblinking pal is essentially not a person. Yet, keep in mind that not everything we use for our hair should be applied to a doll’s hair, including: 

1.No human hairbrush: People’s hair naturally produces oil and by transferring our brush onto a doll’s hair, it can create more dirt and bacteria on both our hair and the doll’s. So, any small hairbrush is recommended for your doll.

2.No warm water: It is recommended to stick with cool water instead of warm water to wash or detangle your doll’s frizzy hair. Warm water may make curls fall or weaken the glue on the doll’s wig base.

No high heat: Hairstyling tools, such as hair straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons, can potentially melt or harm the doll’s hair. Also, for dolls with human hair, heat tools should be cautiously applied with very low heat.

Products To Use for Doll Hair

There are some common household products to consider to help you straighten doll hair, including:

Baby detangle spray can be used for dolls with minor hair tangles or frizz 

Baby shampoo and/or conditioner are mild soap solutions that are gentle on the doll’s hair. 

Fabric softener is often used as a ‘shampoo’ to relax doll hair, especially if it is intensely damaged, tangled, or frizzy. 

Baking soda: For dolls with smelly hair, a teaspoon of baking soda added to a bowl of mild soap and cool water may help to eliminate the odor. 

Haircare tools that are metal, such as wide-toothed metal combs, soft bristle brushes, and metal bristle comb and brush (e.g. fine tooth), are sturdy and effective in detangling frizzy dolls hairs as they don’t easily get stuck in the mess, unlike weak plastic bristles. Although metal clips are prone to breaking synthetic doll hair. 

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