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How to be a real reborn baby doll mom

A reborn doll isn’t just any baby doll, it’s a work of art. A reborn artist spent countless hours adding layers of paint, rooting hairs, and finishing to make it your perfect doll baby. As a work of art, your reborn should be handled with the utmost of care.Reborn dolls really look like real babies and can be cared for just like a real baby.

You may love babies but are either too young, not ready, or not able to have children of your own but with a boy or girl reborn doll you can experience parenting, it’s just like the real thing.

Make a schedule for your reborn doll

It is no secret that if you are serious about taking care and having fun with your reborn baby, just as you would with a real baby, then you need to have a schedule. Creating a schedule can take time so we have decided to create one for you that you can follow or modify to make the most out of your precious reborn. The schedule includes activities and tasks that need to be completed in the morning, afternoon and evening.


Morning Schedule

Gently wake your beautiful reborn with a light shake. You can also whisper something like, “Good morning sweetie, time to get up and start the day.” Gently pull the covers off and pickup your baby doll. Once your baby is awake you can turn on the lights. It is important that you always treat your reborn baby with love and avoid rough shakes, horrible alarms clocks and lighting in their eyes before it wakes up.
Feed your reborn with a bottle or baby food. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you want to make sure that your baby doll is well fed. You can even get creative by creating some fun juices or silly pancakes. If your baby refuses to eat, try and feed it later. It might not be hungry. If it starts to cry, it is a sign it doesn’t want food. Gently clean the doll up and then try again later.
Hold your baby in your arms and begin to gentle rock it. Slowly rocking the baby doll will comfort it after breakfast.
Change its diaper. By now the baby’s diaper will need changing. Simply take off the old one, give the doll a clean and put a new one back on.
Get it dressed. Pick out a cute and comfortable outfit for your reborn and get it ready to start the day. If you want, take a picture of it in it’s adorable little outfit and have fun playing dress up!
Start the day. Your doll is part of your family so you should take it with you to picnics, walks, to the grocery store and wherever else possible. If you are going somewhere you can’t take your baby, make sure you leave it in a safe place away from sunlight, heat and extreme cold.


Afternoon Schedule

A Reborn Doll Schedule For Fun Care Afternoon Schedule
Play with your doll. Get out it’s toys and play with it. Don’t forget to show it love, it will have a great time! You can also take pictures of your reborn and it’s toys.
Feed it lunch. Just like breakfast, lunch can be a bottle or some mushy food.
Change its diaper. It’s that time of the day, you know what to do.
Spend time quality time together. Snuggle with your reborn on the couch, give it some cuddles, talk to it, read a book to it or play with it.
Take it outside. You don’t want your baby doll to be cooped up inside all day. Take it to the park and push it on the baby swing, go down the slide with it and use other equipment that is available at the park with it. Just make sure it’s safe so it doesn’t get hurt.
Let it take a nap. Your wonderful baby must be exhausted from all the fun so lay it down and let it sleep. To help it sleep, you can also rock it in your arms before putting it down.


Evening Schedule

A Reborn Doll Schedule For Fun Care Evening Schedule
Get the reborn baby doll bottles ready,feed it dinner. By this time, your baby doll will be hungry again.
Change its diaper. You know the drill.
Clean it. It’s important to clean your doll so that it feels refreshed and so that it stays in perfect condition.
Read it a bedtime story. Babies love stories! You can either read it a fairy tale or make a story up.
Sing it a lullaby. This can be done in combination or as an alternative to reading a bedtime story. Rock your baby doll in your arms while singing a soft song.
Put the doll to bed. Gently lay down your precious sweetheart and kiss it goodnight.


Take care of your reborn doll’s daily life

Preventative Care

First and foremost, be gentle with your reborn, much like you would treat an actual infant.Being too rough with reborns can result in limbs or hair detaching and can permanently damage the doll.

Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat. A reborn is typically made from vinyl, which is susceptible to age and fatigue when exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun or an excessively high heat. The sun can cause the vinyl to become discolored or to break down. Other heat sources, such as a kitchen stove or a hot car, can cause the vinyl to warp and deteriorate. Finding them a spot in the house that is removed from excessive heat sources and direct sunlight will prolong the life of your reborn doll.

Avoid objects that can stain your doll. When dressing your doll in new clothes, be sure to pre-wash them to avoid colors and dyes from transferring onto your doll’s vinyl parts. Highly pigmented items can stain the vinyl, so be sure to test certain materials and fabrics before dressing the doll. Rubbing a fabric on a sample piece of vinyl will determine if the colors will bleed.


Keep out of reach of pets and children. Nothing can ruin a reborn doll quicker than having Fido playing fetch with it. Unsupervised children can also be too rough with reborn dolls, so make sure that an adult is present to instruct them about the proper care and handling of the doll.

Keep magnetic parts away from individuals with hearing aids, pacemakers, or metal implants. These magnets can interfere with their electronic devices. You will also want to avoid getting the magnets near cell phones, tablets, computers, and hard drives to avoid damage. Some reborn dolls come with magnets already inserted into the head, so check with the artist or manufacturer to see if these magnets will be an issue.

keep your reborn doll clean

Even if you do your best to keep your reborn doll in the perfect condition you got it, it is inevitable that some dirt and dust will accumulate on it. Small amounts of dust is unlikely to cause any series issues but thick layers can slowly damage the paint and integrity of your reborn. By occasionally cleaning your doll, you can prevent the buildup of dirt and keep it looking immaculate.

If your reborn is just dusty, take a feather duster or lint-free dusting cloth and give it light but thorough wipe. Using cleaning products is not recommended as they may contain harmful chemicals that could stain or stripe the paint of your doll. You should be able to brush it down with a basic feather duster to remove the majority of dust and dirt on its surface.


If your reborn is dirty to the point where a duster cannot do the job then it is recommended that you use a slightly damped cloth to wipe away the stains. Be very gentle and do not scrub the doll as this will damage it’s paint and coloring, Always use a towel to dry it and try not to get the stuffing wet to prevent mold.

If your reborn baby doll full silicone is extreme dirty, you may want to consider sending it back to it’s original artists or find another reborn artist to give it a thorough clean and possibly replace the body and stuffing as needed.

Choose the right clothes for your reborn doll

Are you a mom of reborn baby dolls? If you have reborn dolls or silicone baby dolls, you must know that choosing clothes for your little baby is a big and bit tricky part. Dressing the reborn baby doll in different colors, designs and styles will give your reborn baby doll a completely new look. Everyone wants their reborn baby dolls to look the cutest. So, here are some tips and things you need to consider while choosing reborn doll clothes and silicone baby doll clothes.

Avoid tight-fitting clothes

The first thing you need to consider for choosing reborn baby clothes is fitting. Never try to force the clothing on your delicate and soft baby doll. You should avoid very tight dresses which are hard and difficult to put on. It is really not a good idea to put on a very tight dress on your baby.

Tight reborn baby clothes will restrict the mobility of your baby and your baby doll will appear oppressed in small and tight clothes. Putting on tight silicone baby doll clothes will put pressure on limbs of your dolls and is likely for them to come off and or even in some severe cases tearing off your doll limbs.

Be careful while using dark clothes


If you are using dark color reborn doll clothes, you need to be very careful about it, as there are chances that dark colors can come off some dye. It is recommended that you should first wash dark color clothes and dries them properly. After that, you need to do a rub test in which you need to take a piece of white paper and rub it against dark colored reborn baby clothes.

Check for the color on paper, if there is some leak on white paper it means it can lose color on your soft vinyl baby doll. It would be really bad for you to have dirty, unrealistic colorful spots on random places at the body of your beloved baby doll.    

Size of reborn baby doll clothes

The most important thing about reborn baby doll clothes is the accurate size. It is usually hard for people to know that what is right clothe size for their reborn dolls. The too tight dress is hard to put on and dangerous for reborn baby’s delicate body. Too lose and oversize clothes will ruin the whole personality of your cute reborn doll. For your assistance here are the reference sizes while choosing clothes for reborn baby dolls. The pound is the weight of a real baby, not a doll.

As the human preemie has size up to 17 inches and weight up to 5 lb, so the clothes for reborn baby dolls below 17 inches i.e. 10 to 16 inches baby doll would be customized.

The 18-20 inches newborn baby doll will wear the size of newborn real baby clothes or 5 to 8 lb baby.

The 22 inches reborn doll will wear the clothes size of 3 months old baby.

The 24 inches reborn doll will wear the clothes size of 6 months old baby.

The 28 inches reborn doll will wear the clothes size of 12 months or 1-year-old baby.


Considering this guide in mind, you will be able to choose the best-fit cloth for your reborn baby doll. You can also find the proper and right clothes from some baby doll stores.Check out our reborn baby doll websites to learn more about reborn dolls, for example what is a reborn doll?how to make a reborn doll?

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