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The Aerinababy reborn doll store is a family workshop, we from a small town in Southfield. I’m Sarah and a middle school teacher, my husband Eric is a painter.

One day my daughter Leah had a dream and she was having a good time with a little girl in this dream. The next day Leah told us she wanted a partner for a lifelike doll, but we are failed and didn’t find it for a long time, then we decided to make a lifelike doll for Leah ourselves.

Finally, we successfully made it, now we decide to sell them, delivering happiness to more families who are in need! We draws upon inspiration from family, friendships, love, daily life, childhood memories, and a sense of fun to capture the goodness and beauty in life’s moments. Our customers mean so much to us and we are dedicated to offering you the most innovative artistic treasures and enthusiasm. Our passion at Babe Reborn is to create dolls that stir your spirit, warm your heart, and nurture your soul. It gives us great joy to know that our dolls bring happiness to homes who are in need! 

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